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veronica movie download The story of Veronica is based on the Satya incident, this story is from an ordinary family in 1991, which has an older daughter, Veronica (15 years old), but she may look 18 to you, she has two younger sisters, both of whom are about 7- Will is 8 years old, has a younger brother, Veronica, who is about 4 years old, and Veronica’s mother who is about 50 years old.

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One day Veronica went to her school with all her siblings, that day the solar eclipse was going to happen, the teacher in her school was telling that what happens in the earth shows us the sky, veronica movie download while speaking this statement you will feel a little mysterious In the afternoon of the day, all the children watch the solar eclipse with an effective object such as an old film reel.

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But at the same time, Veronica and her two friends go to the basement of the same school with a rough idea, not knowing what goes on in their mind, she discovers the Ouija board and the three candles start sitting there and call the ghost. veronica movie download It does, the three of them put a finger on a glass glass upside down near that board and the process starts, slowly the ghost starts to respond and their glass starts moving around from its place.

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In the same process, the glass on which Veronica and her two friends are fingered is suddenly warmed, so much heat makes Veronica’s friends feel a lot of heat in her finger and she removes the fingers but Veronica Eggadam insolent finger Stays on her as if she has not made a difference … Then there is an absolutely scary atmosphere veronica movie download  keeps her finger and her friends are screaming that finger remove and suddenly Bhatt … Glass goes to the foot and Ouija The board bursts, the blood oozing from Veronica’s finger is falling on the board as if Ouija has got the blood she wanted. At the same time, Vero yells awkwardly, her mouth explodes awkwardly, eventually being rushed to the hospital, where everything appears normal.

From there, Veronica brings Ouija home to put the bag in her bag, but when she puts it on the balcony of the house, she falls down gracefully, then finally puts the bag under the Veronica bed. After that day’s Ouija board action at school, veronica movie download life had changed completely, every moment some mysterious events were happening. Chick Veronica’s mother is very busy working in her bar, so Veronica is responsible for most of the household.

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Veronica goes to her house in the evening of 13 June 1991 and is trying to sleep at night like normal day and is also a caste. But suddenly at night Paranormal starts to act as if a convoy of ghosts is walking in the house and suddenly veronica movie download has many ghosts clinging to her, back on her bed, Egadam deep black like many hands are clutching her whole body It is as if this is the end now but then suddenly his sleep opens and he realizes that it was a dream.

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One day Veronica is bathing her younger brother in a bathing basin, when she hears some sound in the next room, tells her brother to continue bathing and goes in the direction of the voice. I will see a black ghost walking behind veronica movie download and still this terror was of the same ghost, Veronica goes to the next room, everything starts to happen with a stir and suddenly the door of its room is now closed from the bathroom. 4 The voice of yesteryear’s brother screaming, and the door of the room was not open here, then somehow she opened the door and went to the bathroom and saw that absolutely hot water was coming out and her younger brother’s body was slightly scorched, she gave him She pulls out but no one knows how hot water came.

Veronica bent an auspicious sign read in the book in her room so that she and her brothers would be safe, but the same night a shadow burned that auspicious sign in front of everyone, and then they went screaming, screaming somehow. veronica movie download Finally, on 14 June 1991, on Sunday, Veronica, along with her siblings, tried to drive the Ouija board to the game ghost, leaving her brother with a good sign.

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Now Veronica and her house were not alone, there was a soul with her all the time, a black shadow who wanted death. One day a horrific incident happened in her house again, at the end of the incident, when Veronica asked her brother what you were doing, her brother told that her father had come, Veronica asked in concern what else he said to her. veronica movie download Brother said that he will come again today to take me with him where he lives. Veronica said that when he came, do not listen to him and shut his ears, his brother agreed.

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Then one night Veronica, its two sisters, and brothers slept together. Now the fear had come to dominate them, that night suddenly something happened, all the brothers and sisters collapsed together out of fear, veronica movie download was seeing that parasite clearly. As she was growing up, Veeonica stood facing the door with the cross symbol of Jesus in her hands, when suddenly her mother came in through the door … Veronica told that she had played the Ouija board game, her mother told her Scolding, Veronica told that she wanted to talk to her dead father. His mother did not take the matter seriously.

One night Veronica felt as if her dead father was coming towards her and suddenly she woke up. One morning Veronica’s sister came to her and said I am hungry veronica movie download Veronica was not yet awake, so she did not pay much attention but then both her sisters started eating her hands. Her younger brother started pressing her neck … and finally sleep again It turned out that it was a dream. But Veronica had bite marks in her hands.

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That day she went to school like a deli, and then went to the same basement where everything started, a sister came in the basement who was blind and elderly, there, the sister revealed the secret that you are not alone, veronica movie download you always have a soul Is still present, Veronica asked the solution, then the sister said that the mess you have made must be fixed, the soul you have called must not speak Good bye, she must speak good bye, but one of the school The employee came and took Sister, on her way Sister said that the plow is in the book. Now Veronica finally found the way after filtering several books but when she went to ask for help from her friend with whom she had played the Ouija board for the first time, they refused.

Starting with the Ouija board, negative power began to dominate the house. Now the candles were suddenly extinguished and the Ouija board burst again into two pieces which were pasted by Veronica. veronica movie download Now the race started in the house, the lighting of many lights started, Veronica informed the police. But the terror of the house was increasing, ghosts were intent on killing everyone everywhere. Veronica, with her brother in her arms, began to move out of the house with both sisters, both of her sisters went out of the house, but when Veronica saw herself in the mirror, she could not show her brother in her lap, whom she brought with her. It was now, her two sisters were out and the door was locked, that is, Veronica was alone in the house and her brother was trapped in the house above where the ghosts were walking.

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Instead of running to Veronica, she tries to find her brother by going upstairs to find him, Veronica is going to a cupboard and a shadow arm is also going to the same side. Veronica opens the cupboard when her brother is there, Veronica takes him She started giving voice to go but her brother was not listening to her and Vero-Vero was giving voice, even after veronica movie download spoke a lot, her brother did not listen to her, then suddenly Vero remembered what he said. She used to tell her brother to shut his ears when the ghost came and shout my name ie Vero / Veronica and now this is what his brother was doing, now Veronica realized that the ghost was in him, now he cut his neck with lead While going here Veronica decides to die but suddenly that black-shaped ghost catches Veronica and puts a strange, scary hand in Vero’s mouth.

At the same time, the police who had called Vero arrived and saw veronica movie download that she was lying on her back foot and after a while, Veronica fell to the ground. Veronica is sent to the hospital and her brother is brought down by then her mother also arrives but after a while news comes from the hospital that veronica is dead.

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