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Shook the South Korean movie “Parasite Movie Download“. This movie won the Sahitya 4 Best Film Oscar 2020. The movie is directed by Bong Joon-ho, and the movie also won Oscars in the Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best International Film categories. The parasite was the first Asian film to receive this prestigious award. The film also premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. The parasite is among the best films in South Korean cinema history. The movie grossed $ 167.6 million in South Korea.

Parasite Movie Download

Parasite features Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-Jeong, Choi Woo-Shik, and Park So-dam in the lead roles. Interestingly, previous foreign-language films were not very successful at the Oscars. Parasite Movie Download Previous films such as Divorce Italian Style, A Man and a Woman, and Talk to Her have also won Oscars.

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The story of “Parasite” is the story of a poor upper-class family living in Korea. Parasite Movie Download is a black comedy, which beautifully illustrates the difference between social standing as well as a desire for a more luxurious life.

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The Kim family lives in a small apartment that resembles a basement. The father in the family is Ki Taek. Mother Chung Suk, her daughter Ki Jeong and her son Ki Woo. All four members of the family perform temporary jobs. Income is low. Parasite Movie Download One day Min Hyuk comes to his house while he is having dinner. He is Ki-woo’s good friend. Min Hyuk is preparing to study abroad. After dinner, Ki-woo and Min head out for a drink. Here Min Ki-woo tells that he must work in the neighboring Prince Park family. He needs a teacher to teach his daughter.

Min states that he cannot trust any other college friend and therefore wants to hand over responsibility to Ki Woo. The Park family will depend on a college student for their daughter Da Hai. Parasite Movie Download The story takes an interesting turn, and all four of the Kim family slowly begin to search for jobs in the Park family. This four call themselves highly qualified, which is not true. Ki-woo becomes a teacher. He also sympathized with Da Hai.

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Ki-jeong, Ki-woo’s sister, has found a job by being an art healer. The Healer for Da Song became the son of the Park Family, which is a bit strange and unstable. Ki Jeong puts her underwear in the back seat of Mr. Park’s car. Ki-Jeong drives the driver out of the park, saying he had a physical relationship with a girl in the back seat of a car. Parasite Movie Download Ki-woo Ki-takes father arrives home as a driver. Mother Chung Suk joins the Park family as a housekeeper. This way, the entire Kim family starts working on Mr. Park.

Meanwhile, the Park family is planning a camping trip and going on vacations. The Kim family is now alone in a large home decorated with luxurious amenities. Once the family leaves the park, old housekeeper Moon Guang appears in the foreground. It reveals that there is a hidden passage in the house that leads to a basement built under the house. Parasite Movie Download Moon tells the Kim family that she and her husband have been staying in this basement house for 4 years because debtors have been harassing them.

Meanwhile, Moon finds out the truth about the Kim family. She threatens to tell the Park family of all the fact that the four have an affair. Moon is betting she will remain silent if the Kim family does not reveal her secret. A quarrel breaks out between the two families.

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Meanwhile, the Kim family is back soon from vacation due to bad weather. Meanwhile, Moon and her husband are fighting the Kim family. All four of the Kim family members injure and tie the couple downstairs. Parasite Movie Download Mr. Park and his family are returning home. Chung-sook cooks and serves dinner. Meanwhile, he explained that his son Da-Sung had seen a ghost a few years ago, which has since led him to act strangely.

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The city is exposed to thunderstorms and floods. The whole house is filled with water. The parks rebuked everyone for the condition of the house. With the situation under control, Mr. Parks announces the party on his son’s birthday. Parasite Movie Download All four of the Kim family are also present at the party. Meanwhile, Ki-woo goes to the bunker built underneath the house. But he sees that the moon is dead. Moon’s husband, Jun Sai, attacks Ki Woo and escapes from there.

Geun-sae wants to avenge his wife’s death and stabs a dagger in front of everyone in Ki-jeong’s chest with a knife placed in a donkey. There is a mess. In this environment, Ki Taek is also angry at Mister Park. Parasite Movie Download He is constantly disturbed by complaints and kills Mr. Park. Now a few weeks later the story has been shown. Ki-woo is okay now. He falls into a coma due to an attack from Moon’s husband. Ki-Woo and his mother are both accused of fraud. Meanwhile, her sister, Ki Jeong, died of her wounds and injuries. Father Ki Taek accused of Mr. Park’s blood and fled.

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Mr. Park’s house was sold to a German family. Ki-Woo receives his runaway father’s message. Kee Taek wrote in the letter that he still lived in the same basement. Ki-woo writes a message to his father that one day he will make a lot of money and buy this luxurious bungalow. It promises that one day the family will live together.

Everyone in the world has their own story to tell, but someone tells it and no one else can tell. But the biggest question that arises in all of this, which story loves people the most? Parasite Movie Download A simple rule was followed, I liked the story in the same way that it convinces everyone reading somewhere that it is your story. Bong Joon-ho, director of the Oscar-winning South Korean film Parasite, did a great job. He presented Correa’s story in the parasite in such a way that the whole world would think about his story.

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Let’s talk about the story first because the movie life is the same. Parasite’s story begins like any other movie. The poor family does their best to feed themselves. They are poor, but they are encouraged to live. Parasite Movie Download They also cut poverty together, and this is where their struggle forwards begins. When a simple-looking cut increases your beats, you’ll be amazed, too.

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Well speaking of the story, a boy from that poor family gets a chance to teach a girl from a big house and then how he relates his family life to that big family, that’s the main link to this movie. . Parasite Movie Download What should be noted is that the story of the movie is always on your mind by making two boxes of the poor and the rich, and without showing any compulsion or helplessness, you have to walk right through it. That is, you will not feel that you should feel sorry for their poverty or jealous of the wealth of the other family. Like the real world, everyone in the movie develops their personality by struggling.

But how many days of parasites or freebies? Where are the parasites even in cases of class discrimination and greed? How do you end? This is the primary link to the story of the two families. In this sense, the middle class will feel most connected, and it is the same in all countries of the world. Well, the movie actually won four Oscars this year. Parasite Movie Download This South Korean movie is a hit in the western world, and it’s also highly commended and won money. Let’s see how much he is loved on the internet platforms.

The film’s story is as strong as the director and his unity. You’ll find it very simple 10 minutes into the movie, but with 10 minutes into the movie, it quickly climaxes. The most difficult task in a story or movie is to keep the audience in the middle of the moment, that is, that precious 40-50 minutes. Also known as a storyteller, Bong Joon-ho keeps the storyline of the movie linked. Parasite Movie Download In the middle, the climax of the movie reaches a level where your brain wants the score instantly. With every scene in the movie, the breathing stops too, and when the director can connect his audience to each scene, that is a success for any filmmaker.

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Cinematography strongly lent the director’s mind into the movie. Excellent camera work The challenge was to show the splendor of the rich gardens on the one hand, and on the other hand the poverty of the Kims family was highlighted. Parasite Movie Download Especially for the western world, it is hard to feel poverty in the story released by South Korea. So the camera team took full care of him and they succeeded too.

You can guess the director and camera unit’s success from the fact that this story is not only about the difference between two families but also about two floors. And everyone knows how difficult it can be to shoot scenes in the basement. Parasite Movie Download The editing of the movie is so unexpected that you will continue to wonder for some time what happened. The director and writer have done justice to his story from the movie K&A. However, some people might find the ending a little strange, but the movie is sure to love for sure.

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