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Vijay i.e. Joseph Vijay’s next film Master Movie Download has been released. The director of this film could not release in theaters due to the Corona epidemic. The big-budget film Master has now been released.

Made in Tamil Telugu, this film will also be dubbed in Hindi. The story of this film shows the importance and thinking of a good teacher in the college from student politics to the children’s correctional home. Master Movie Download The special thing about the film is that the teacher specializes in doing more action than teaching.

Master Movie Download

The story of Master Movie Download begins with the murder of the father of minor Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi). His father is the head of the truck association. By making false allegations against Bhavani, they send the child reformation planet. And there they torture and beat him a lot. And these atrocities happening to him make him strong instead of weakening him.

Master Movie Download In Hindi

Bhavani also gets completely involved in criminal activities. He starts committing crimes with the help of the children lodged in the Child Improvement Centre. The story of the film progresses for a few years, Bhavani has become very powerful now. He aspires to become the president of the truck association.

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Bhavani becomes so powerful that he throws out the person who goes against him from his path. He makes the children locked up in the Child Improvement Center addicted to drugs. Master Movie Download Due to his antics, he gets full support of the police and corrupt officials of the child reformation planet.

Master Movie Download in Hindi Professor John Durairaj ‘JD’ (Vijay) in college is the favorite of his students. This professor is completely different from other teachers. He gets completely drunk after 6:00 in the evening. The story of the film takes such a turn that he comes to the kindergarten to teach the children. After seeing two children hanging there, the purpose of his life changes completely.

Master Movie Download In Tamil

Directed by Lokesh Kangraj, the highlight of the film is Vijay’s action and style. Ajay Devgn has been confirmed to work in the Hindi remake of Lokesh Kaithi last year. Vijay Sethupathi’s entry in this film does not happen while teaching in any class. Rather, it is done by catching two students each. Students who are accused of sexually assaulting a girl student.

The story of the Master Movie Download also underlines the political importance of the students on the pretext of elections in the college. And at the same time, it also raises questions about the future of children in child reformation. The scenes of the car hitting the trucks with bow and arrow are very good in this movie. And so is the kabaddi match scene with the Master Movie Download in child reformation.

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One of Bhavani’s dialogues in the film ‘Master, save yourself by killing me in 2 minutes is very stylish. Some scenes in this film leave a wonderful impression.

Master Full Movie Download In Hindi

Master Movie Download in Hindi Master movie, it is shown that some goons are behind Charu ‘Malvika Mohanan’. And the hero does not go to save him, but someone else saves him. Vijay’s use of his stern as a weapon is a new style of action.

Both Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi have got a great opportunity to showcase their talent. And both of them have made good use of it too. Initially, the writer and director took very little time to establish the character of Bhavani and Jodi. But as the story progresses, the story of the film starts getting tighter.

The confrontation and face-off between JD and Bhavani appear throughout the film. The child prisoner turned artist impresses a lot while playing his character. And Malavika Mohanan is looking very beautiful in the movie. But nothing special has come in their part. The background music of the film is very good.

Master Full Movie Download In Tamil

Master Movie Download has become the first film to be released on the OTT platform in a span of just two weeks of its release in theatres. Till now no film released in theaters has been released on OTT at such a short interval.

Talking about the story, how Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi), a child living in the correctional home, when he grows up, uses that correctional home and the children living there for his wrong businesses. This is where the story begins. Cut to JD (Thalapathy Vijay), a professor in a college in Chennai, who is very popular among his students but is the number one enemy of management. This professor is completely different from the familiar professors of cinema. It has its flaws and weaknesses. There are such turns in the story that Jay reaches that children’s correctional home as a Master Movie Download.

In the beginning, his attitude towards things remains constant, but the death of two children changes him, then he starts to rescue the children and children from the clutches of Bhavani. He also reveals the real face of Bhavani in front of the children. This is the next story. The film entertains in the first half and is pulled in the second half.

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The second half of this three-hour film can be reduced a bit. The curiosity of Bhavani and JD coming in the story of the film is well made but they come face to face at the end of the film. That too for a very short time. Due to which it keeps on coming to mind that the face-to-face scene of both had to be shown a little more.

If we talk about the good aspects of the story, then this film also raises questions on the importance of student politics and the importance of the presence of good teachers in the correctional home and the future of the children. There is nothing like a hero and a villain in the story of the film. Master Movie Download The characters of Bhavani and JD have been described as two sides of the same coin. Similarities are also shown in the gestures of both. This is an interesting aspect of the film.

Coming to the acting department, the ever-present Thalapathy Vijay has lived up to his character with full swag. Vijay Sethupathi also scares with his character and has also managed to entertain. Master Movie Download Be a prisoner The child artist impresses with his acting. There was nothing special to do for the rest of the characters. Actress Malavika Mohan’s part has also been a few scenes. The action of the film is thrilling. Overall, this masala film entertains despite some flaws.

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